Welcome to The Squad!
We want to invite you- yes, you- to join our squad.
The Stylinity Squad will be the perfect key to unlocking the power of your influence.
Join the squad to unlock a lifetime of exclusive opportunities to partner and advocate your favorite brands. Close the door to the days where you have to source for your own creative opportunities and use us -- your key -- to unlock the door to more time, more freedom and more opportunities.
Stylinity Squad helps you take the guesswork out of creative partnerships with your favorite brands, leaving you with more freedom and time to generate exciting and interesting content for your adoring fans.
Why wait?
The Benefits
Influencers on the squad gain exclusive priority to participate in promotional campaigns. With so many brands on board with us, there will always be a campaign that is perfect for your content and your style.
Collaboration means working together with your favorite brands. While you're promoting products from your favorite brands, they will return the favor by promoting you and your social posts on their platforms!
Stylinity Promotion
Let us promote you! As a member of our exclusive squad, you will often be featured in our press releases and across all of our social media platforms. Drive traffic to your site without lifting a finger (maybe one - to click the join the squad button!).
THE 10%
squad membes recieve 10% minimum sales commissions
We're not a regular squad. We're a cool squad.
Being part of this cool squad gives you at least 10% commission (some brands are higher than 10%) for any link that you monetize through Stylinity.
What are you waiting for? #jointhesquad (and get your 10%)!
The Badge
Stylinity Certified Influencer Squad Badge
Show your love and #squadpride with our badge!
Being part of the squad means you will receive this exclusive Stylinity Squad Badge for you to display anywhere you want. Want to show it off on your blog or print it out and pin it up poster style?
We're not stopping you!
PS Did we mention it comes in Pink and Gray too?
The Squad Love
Refer a friend and allow them to unlock the benefits that come with joining our exclusive family of influencers. Both of you will get $10 for every successful referral! Sweet!
feature friday
Let us give you the keys to our social media platforms. #featurefriday means you are in charge of Stylinity's socials. Spill the beans about your blogging life or share the latest trends you are crushing over.
shout out saturday
Members of a squad look out for each other! #shoutoutsaturday means you get promoted by other members of the squad, while you do the same too. Ultimate #squadgoals, eh?
The Squad
  • "I absolutely LOVE Stylinity! Monetization's never been easier, and on top of that,
    I've had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with first-class brands like Steve Madden and Bobbi Brown.
    If you're a blogger looking for a fab affiliate network, you need to join STAT!"
  • "Working with Stylinity and Joleen has been absolutely great. The team really
    takes into account your brand and aesthetic, making sure you don't have to
    sacrifice anything in order to collaborate with some of your favorite brands.
    Can't wait to work together again!"
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