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Stylinity makes social media shoppable. We connect bloggers and influencers, brands, and consumers to help create great social content you can shop.

Stylinity's suite of easy-to-use services help bloggers, influencers, and brands create great content you can shop. As a consumer, this means you’ll sometimes see our “Buy Now” buttons embedded in blogs and on your favorite social channels, making it easy for you to shop the great images you see. We also now offer coupons for your favorite brands so you can get the best deals right through Stylinity. If you see something you love and want to be sure you get the best deal, you can click the Coupons button and get a Forever 21 Coupon (or whatever brand is tagged) that helps save some money or get free shipping.

For brands and bloggers, we also offer a complete Shoppable Content Management System to create, share, track and analyze shoppable content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. For bloggers, this is accessed by applying to our Go2Buy platform, and, if accepted, you’ll often be invited to participate in campaigns featuring products from your favorite brand. For brands, industry-leading benefits include the ability to run powerful influencer campaigns, feature multiple products in a post, embedding multiple deep-linked product-specific Universal Buy Now Buttons(TM), managing all shoppable social content from one integrated dashboard, integrated management of Brand and User Generated Content, and more.

No third party memberships are required for consumers and Looks are instantly shoppable - no delays or waiting for information.

For influencers, bloggers, and brand fans, Stylinity’s simple web tools and mobile app let them earn more than likes(TM), sharing their shoppable style to connect friends and followers directly with products they like, and earning rewards for their purchase influence.

For media inquiries contact us at media@stylinity.com

For more information contact us at info@stylinity.com
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just clearing my floats