Brand Resources - Feature Stylinity on your site

Brand Guidelines

Stylinity is more than just a name. It represents a window into the world of shoppable social media. Our brand is a representation of the mission to connect you to consumers, enabling you to create great fashion on your social media platforms that your followers can buy anywhere in the world.

As an influencer, you can also apply to our Go2Buy platform and gain access to our suite of influencer marketing tools. Once accepted, you will receive exclusive invitations to participate in campaigns to promote products from your favorite brands.


Our icons are keys to unlocking a community of great shoppable content, allowing you to connect your content to consumers who want to purchase them. Feature any version of our icon to link your followers back to your Stylinity profile.
Stylinity S Circle I Circle II Stylinity Square Rounded I Rounded II Rounded III
Stylinity S Circle I Circle II Stylinity Square Rounded I Rounded II Rounded III
The elegant Stylinity S
to add style to your site.
A circle of Stylinity grey
that is timeless and classy.
A border if you enjoy things
in neat circles
A sharp square for
keeping things boxy.
Smooth round corners
to give you an edge.
A spot of polish
to buff up the shine.
Rounded corners
with a hint of shadow.

Customize Your Stylinity Icon

Can't find an icon to suit your taste or the style of your social media platforms? Fret not! Generate your personalized icon and customize the height, width and colors to create the perfect Stylinity icon for yourself.
Square S Stylinity
Stylinity Colors
Stylinty Grey Stylinty Blue
Copy and paste your code:
<a class="nopin" href="" rel="nofollow" style="cursor:pointer;border:0;">
                            <img height="33" src="**PATHTOIMAGEFOLDER**/StylinityIcon.png"  alt="Stylinity" style="width:auto;" />
just clearing my floats