How to: Become a Coupon Warrior and Start Converting Sales


We know you have been creating content consistently, engaging not only with the readers on your blog but also your followers on different social media platforms. You’re doing all you can to engage your readers, but is there more you can do for engagement?

Ah, that’s where the Stylinity magic comes in!

Learn all the tricks to fully utilizing the specially curated Stylinity coupons page and increase your engagement rates. Use coupons to entice your readers and followers to shop your looks and content with all of the attractive discounts and deals available! Don’t tell anyone though (except maybe your best blogger friends), because these tips and tricks are meant for your eyes only.

First things first, what is a… Stylinity coupons page?

Reaction gif of Mariah Carey saying “I don’t know her.”

It’s all the coupons you (and your followers!) will ever need, compiled into one easy-to-navigate page!

Gif showing the brands on our list of exclusive deals and top trending coupons.

Pick any of your favourite brands under our constantly updated “Exclusive Deals and Top Trending Coupons”, handpicked for your enjoyment!

There is also a “find more deals” function located at the top right corner for you to search coupon codes for any brand.

Gif showing how to make use of the brand (RocketDog) coupon page on Stylinity.

To make use of any deals or coupon codes, click on “Get this Deal” or “Get Coupon Code”. You will be automatically directed to the retailer’s site, with the coupon code revealed to you. Just remember to copy and paste the code at checkout for it to work.

Now that you know how our coupons page work, are you ready to learn how you can increase your engagement rates and sales conversion?

Step #1: Generate your personalized link to any brand’s coupon page

Follow this format strictly:

For instance, if your Stylinity Go2Buy username is pearlehmilktea and you are trying to entice your followers to shop certain Topshop products in your look, you will use @topshop and @pearlehmilktea to generate your link.

This is how your personalized coupon link should look like:

Remember to test the link to check if it works!

Why should you use a personalized coupon link when an ordinary link would suffice? Funny you should ask that!

When you share your unique link with your readers, any sales made using this link is attributed straight to you. Your engagement rates will increase exponentially as you are encouraging your readers to click through on the link for the promo codes. Not only will engagement increase, you will also be able to convert sales from your readers’ click throughs!


Pro-tip: Save time by using the Stylinity Go2Buy Bookmarklet!

The bookmarklet serves many functions and one of them is to let you generate personalized coupon links to any brand’s coupon page as efficiently as possible.

Don’t believe me? Check it out! Backhand Index Pointing Down on Twitter

Gif showing how to generate and copy the coupon deal link using the product widget.

Psst… if you’re not sure what Stylinity Go2Buy bookmarklet is, this guide here will show you.

Step #2: Increase engagement and sales conversion via your blog

What should you do after generating your unique coupon page link? Share it on your blog, of course!

Do your readers a favor by specifically mentioning the promo codes and discounts to encourage them to shop your content and looks. This would entice your followers to click through on the links you provide, drawn to the idea of saving money on their purchases. I mean, who doesn’t like saving a few bucks? Money saved is money earned!

Check out how Sabrina of Gypsy Tan shared the coupon page with her readers in this post.

Picture showing how Gypsy Tan presents her coupon links in the post.

Clicking on the links “Blank NYC” and “Raen” leads her readers straight to the brands’ coupon pages on Stylinity, where they can find exclusive deals and promo codes to use at checkout.

Gif showing Gypsy Tan’s coupon links linking to Blank NYC and Rean coupon pages.

Step #3: Amplify your sales and engagement using your social channels!

Thinking about doing more to increase your engagement and convert more sales? Damn, girl.

Reaction gif of Hernando Fuentes from Sense8 saying, “Lito, I like this girl.”

Your blog is definitely not the only place you can share your personalized coupon link to. You can also share your link to any of your social media platforms. Twitter? You got it. Facebook? Magnificent. Instagram? Superb!

If you’re running out of ideas, let Maddy Corbin show you how it’s done on Twitter.

Picture showing Maddy Corbin’s tweet of her personalized Urban Outfitter coupon page link.

TLDR, you’re not wrong if you think there’s more you can do to increase your engagement and sales conversion rate. Let Stylinity help you with that!

What are you waiting for? Log in to Go2Buy to kickstart your engagement and sales conversion adventures! Fret not if you don’t have a Go2Buy account -- you can always sign up for Stylinity Squad to gain access to a whole range of exclusive blogger tools, just for you.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions for our next Blogger Boot Camp topic? HMU here!

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