How to: Make Your Blog Work Harder For You


I know, I know, you’re already working your blog very hard to make as much money as you can. But would you be interested if I told you there is a way for you to work your blog harder without you working harder?

Imagine! Not having to visit every affiliate site you know and sign up at each and every site. Not needing to spend more than two hours tracking the correct links to the products in your blog post. Imagine doing everything automatically on your browser without leaving the site of your favorite brands.

Introducing Stylinity’s Go2Buy Bookmarklet!

How do I begin to explain the Go2Buy bookmarklet?

The bookmarklet is flawless.

One time, Regina George herself used it… And told us it was the most convenient bookmarklet she had ever been blessed with.

Mean Girls references aside, in this first installment of Blogger Boot Camp, I’ll show you just how awesome our Go2Buy bookmarklet is. It is a small tool that packs a magnificent punch of convenience.

Be prepared to be wowed!

Firstly, add the Go2Buy Bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar.

Gif showing how to add the Go2Buy Bookmarklet into the browser’s bookmarks bar.

Pro-tip: The bookmarklet will only work with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9+. If you don’t see your bookmark bar, toggle your settings.

Sign in to Go2Buy using your email and password. If you do not have a Go2Buy account yet, sign up for the Stylinity Squad and gain access to the bookmarklet and a whole range of blogging tools! What are you waiting for?

Click on the drop down menu on the left and choose “Resources”. On the Resources page, select “Bookmarklet”.

Follow the grey arrow that pops up when you mouse over the Go2Buy Bookmarklet button! Go on, drag and drop the Go2Buy Bookmarklet button into your bookmarks bar.

Tip #1: Generate monetized links for products from your favourite brands. Quickly and easily.

Gif showing how to get a monetized link from the Go2Buy Bookmarklet.

Some of our favorite brands include Forever 21, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Urban Outfitters.

For instance, while shopping to redecorate your bedroom, you find a set of photo wall clips from Urban Outfitters that you would love to share with your followers.

Click on the Go2Buy Bookmarklet button on your bookmarks bar. The monetized link and coupon link will be generated immediately for you.

Not sure what a coupon link is? Well, here at Stylinity, we help collate a bunch of promo codes for you and your followers to enjoy so you don’t have to do all the work! It’s just like earning money while saving money. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, am I right?

Copy the links by clicking on them. They will be copied onto your clipboard automatically. Convenient!

Now paste your monetized link anywhere on your blog and just wait for the money to come rolling in.

Tip #2: Cut down on the amount of words of your post by using our product widget.

Instead of just showing one monetized link in your blog post (more words, bleh), you can choose to display pictures of your top picks from your favourite brands in a neat product widget.

Gif showing how to add a product into the product widget with the Go2Buy Bookmarklet.

Select the second tab on the bookmarklet, named “Product Widget”.

Details of the product would be magically generated for you and you just have to fill in any missing information as best as you can.

Click “Add to Product Widget”. To add more products in the widget, just repeat the steps above.

Gif showing how to retrieve the code for the product widget from the Go2Buy Bookmarklet.

When you’re satisfied with your widget, scroll down to the end of the bookmarklet to retrieve the HTML code for your product widget.

Make all the necessary adjustments according to your needs and press “Preview” to get your code. Merely clicking on the code itself will automatically copy the complicated code onto your clipboard. Easy, right?

Display your product widget anywhere you like on your blog. In your blog post? Magnificent! In your sidebar? Even better!

Tip #3: Add products into your closet to save them for when you need them

Gif showing how to add a product into the closet with the Go2Buy Bookmarklet.

Just like a real life closet, this virtual closet helps you keep your virtual clothes and accessories in order. It also works like a virtual wish list, a magnificent storage space free of charge!

You can add products directly into your closet using the Go2Buy Bookmarklet, straight from your browser as you scroll through the products from your favorite brands.

In addition, anything that you add to your product widget is automatically saved into your closet.

Better yet, the closet allows you to search for products by name or brand. Tell me, does your actual closet do that?

Voila! You are now a certified expert of the Go2Buy Bookmarklet.

Go forth and unleash the awesomeness of our bookmarklet to the world! Any way you want it, that’s the way you Go2Buy it.

Reaction gif of Cady Heron from Mean Girls saying yes.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions for our next Blogger Boot Camp topic? HMU here!

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